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The Saumur Blanc « St Léger » comes from the noble Chenin father of the white wine ranging from dry to medium dry and ending at the really sweet wine. Fragranced, it leaves a long lasting taste. Its dry version is perfect to accompany your starters, crustaceous, sea food and goat cheeses. It is at its best served between 8 to 10° C.

The Saumur Cabernet comes from Cabernet Franc cepage. After a short 12 hour maceration it acquire its pink robe. Serve it around 7-8° and it will keep its red berries aromas and will accompany your starters and grilled meat. You can also serve it as an aperitif.

The Saumur Rouge and its beautiful ruby dress comes from the Cabernet Franc cepage. Distilled at a low temperature has made it keep its red berry aromas. Serve it with grilled meat, red and white meat. It is best served at 15 -16°C.

The Saumur Rouge “Cuvée Paul” (same cepage) has a longer macerating time. Left for 12 months in old wooden tanks gives it a perfect structure to go with all red meat, game and various cheeses. It will ideally be served between 16 and 17°C.

The Perle Rouge is really original. The Saumur Rouge sustains a second fermentation in a bottle, just like the Methode Traditionnelle. Served chill (4-5°C) as an aperitif, it will also be perfect with all your red berry or chocolate desserts.

The Saumur “Methode Traditionnelle” will go through a second fermentation in a bottle and a 9 months settle time before it can be sold. Dry or Medium dry it is ideal for aperitif. Medium Dry, it is ideal for desserts; To be served between 4 and 5°C.

The Cremant de Loire comes from 80% of Chenin and 20% of Chardonnay. The vinification is the same as Champagnes with a second fermentation in bottles and a 12 months settle time. To be served chilled (4 -5°C) as an aperitif on its own or with desserts in its rosé version.

The saumu Blanc “Cuvée Particulière” is issued from a late pick. Fragranced and sweet it will be served as an aperitif or with desserts. It is also perfect with Foie Gras. Best served between 7 and 8°C.

Translation S Adams

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